To advance fairness and justice among citizens, the mystical interpretation of the scriptures suggests a new system of governance in which Power is vested in women while Authority is vested in men. This platform elaborates on the roles and how applying the unique and precious feminine qualities can establish and protect the fundamental values of democracy, such as political voice and citizens’ moral, social, and legal fairness.


Complementary to MAYORCHY and SEVEN BRANCH TREE, this platform suggests Femocratia as an alternative system of government to the ancient Greek democracy. The term democratia comes from δῆμος dêmos “people” and κράτος krátos “power.” Thus, this platform defines Femocratia as ‘Feminine Power.’


Equal voice and citizens’ political, legal, and moral equality are fundamental values of democracy. However, since individuals and groups are more likely to have different demands and preferences, equal treatment for all is less likely, as policies favoring some are less favorable to others. While those with potent voices benefit the most, their dominant influence increases excessively with rising of the population the political entity governs.


Advancing “equality of result” or “equality of opportunity,” among citizens — if feasible at all — requires divergent and complex policy-making, institutional design, and legal interpretation. However, consistent and incorrupt moral judgment in decision-making is fundamental to fair social and economic systems.


It is a broadly accepted notion that good execution is the primary key to prosperity rather than the vision, as the management of the organization is the critical determinant of its impacts.

The Story of Purim

Based on several natural phenomena and a noted Jewish source, namely, the interplay within the story of Purim, this platform suggests an ‘ancient innovate’ governance model based on two distinct entities: Authority (Masculine) and Power (Feminine). In compliance with the ‘ONKRs’ framework, the Authority has to define the policies guidelines, whereas the Power can accept, reject, or suggest a modification to the policies. Power’s responsibilities include translating the policies to address the broader interests of the ingroup, implementing them efficiently, and governing effectively. However, Power executes at its sole discretion. It can always consult with the Authority should it face any challenge. While the Authority is in charge of auditing the outcomes, it must comply with the Power’s execution orders and is not above the Power and the laws.

Aligning with Nature

In the ideal Femocratia world, ‘masculine’ men who tend to think linearly in a utilitarian, objective, visionary, and focused way would be charged with studying for innovative ideation and conception, akin to a father, who only provides the seed within the realm of procreation. While, ‘feminine women’—who tend to think circular, having a broader picture, greater intuition, memory, empathy, and communication skills—would be in charge of development and management, akin to a mother who has the power to develop an abstract conception by granting it breadth and depth, giving birth to a new organism, and continue to nurture it. The Torah refers to this capacity as “the midwives,” God’s partners in creation. [Shemot Rabba 1:19]

Feminine Firewalls within the Society

Kindred as the ribs protect [Bereshit 2:22] the internal organs of the thorax, based on the Torah narrative of Shifra and Puah, the two midwives who briefly prevented a genocide of Jewish children, as they refused Pharaoh’s commandment to kill all male babies; the Torah suggests that the “righteous women” would dismiss any immoral, fallacious or deleterious suggestions or instructions of Authority, and will protect the society, justly. It is important to note that the two midwives stood directly and firmly against the order of Pharaoh, who was the mightiest King of the most powerful nation of that time. [Shemot 1:17] 

Feminine Firewalls within the Nature

The ‘feminine firewall’ concept can be observed in other natural phenomena. As an example, within the dynamics of four entities amidst Global climatology. According to Qabballah, the Sun and the Sky are defined as masculine, and the Moon and the Earth are defined as feminine. 

While the masculine forces, such as precipitation, especially rain, and the sunlight, for example, by photosynthesis, have a dramatic effect on climate in general and agriculture in particular, they support almost all life on Earth. However, within the feminine elements, in addition to the crucial functions of the pedosphere, while the magnetic field, by its magnetosphere of the Earth, protects all living organisms from potentially harmful consequences of the charged particles of the solar wind and cosmic rays; we predominantly owe our prosperity moon’s gravitational force for optimal Earth’s axial tilt and perhaps in the realm of botany, by its influences on “leaf-tides,” soil microbiome, and beyond, keeping our climate amenable to the development of life. 

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